Traveling with Tunnel Vision

A visit to the World’s Shortest Highway Tunnel, chasing waterfalls in TN

 Heading home on a recent road trip from Georgia to the D.C. Metro Area, Jon and I decided to meander off I-81 N to stretch our legs where Northeast Tennessee pokes Virginia’s underbelly.

We were in search of Backbone Falls, a forty-five-foot waterfall on a 0.3-mile long trail in Cherokee National Forest.

Backbone Falls

In order to get to the waterfall, we had to drive on Highway 133, in Tennessee, through a hole blasted out of Backbone Rock in 1901.

Backbone Rock

Visit the World’s Shortest Highway Tunnel is now both on and off my bucket list.

Backbone Rock itself stands seventy-five feet tall, while yellow road signs indicate the tunnel opening is just over thirteen feet tall.  Visitors are allowed to climb on top of the rock, but we chose to view the tunnel from the ground.

Backbone Rock

We caught a glimpse of some of the fall foliage along Beaverdam Creek next to Backbone Rock.

Beaverdam Creek

Then, we took the stairs through Backbone Falls trail.

Backbone Falls Trail
Backbone Falls Trail
Backbone Falls Trail

We were definitely glad we took the time to appreciate the little things in life.

Have you ever visited Backbone Rock or Backbone Falls?  What are some unique sights you’ve stumbled upon on road trips?

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