G.O.A.T. Yoga

The weather was not promising.  Rain in the forecast and a cool 55 degrees Fahrenheit was a sharp contrast to the previous day’s 80 degrees.  My boyfriend and I unraveled our yoga mats in a grassy field at the Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, Virginia under cloudy skies, shivering slightly in the wind.  


In the lull prior to the start of the event, a crowd began to form.  People scurried toward the cluster, holding their camera phones like a compass.  Then, laughter. A goat had hopped on top of a woman’s back and stood there like a stately statue, in no hurry to jump down.  The spectacle heightened my excitement and began to overshadow my worry about the weather.

Soon after, the yoga instructor, Beth A. Wolfe, began welcoming those of us participating.  Like clockwork, the sun briefly peeked through the clouds as she spoke. People cheered. Right on cue, tiny goats were taken out of a baby blue Toyota Camry and dispersed among the group.  More and more kept appearing, as if it was a clown car.


Shanti, Penny, Freckles, and other goats from The Little Goat Farm at the Lake in Nokesville, Virginia kicked and played, frolicked and “baaaa”-ed, while we flowed through various yoga poses.  



At the end of the session, each of us had the opportunity to hold and pet the goats.  

When my boyfriend and I were getting in the car to leave, the skies opened up.  I couldn’t believe the rain held off until we were leaving. Petting the goats must have had the same good luck effect as rubbing a Buddha’s belly.  

If you are interested in participating in Goat Yoga with Wolfe, tickets range from $30-$35 and are still available on her website for the following dates:

Goat Yoga at Westmoreland Berry Farm:

Sunday, May 6th

Goat Yoga + Live Music at The Little Goat Farm at the Lake:

Saturday, May 26th

Saturday, June 23rd

Saturday July 21st

Saturday, August 25th

Have you done goat yoga before?  Have you practiced yoga with Beth A. Wolfe?  What was your favorite part of your experience? 



4 thoughts on “G.O.A.T. Yoga”

  1. Pauline your blog is a true delight. I loved this experience, it made be be their with you both. Your brought laughter, knowledge and great humor was you shared your incredibly delightful experience. My hats are off to you for having us as your reader know their is more to yoga then we knew before. Have a Baarific day.

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  2. Your blog did not disappoint. Wonderful pictures and, despite the poor weather, it truly appeared to be a wonderful experience. I have always wanted to take the time to journal my experiences. You inspire me to do so!

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